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WE ARE The country's preferred training provider.


We have provided training solutions to more hundreds of organizations in the Philippines. Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can present options that make sense for you.


What we're committing:


  • The most competitive rates across all providers without jeopardizing quality output.


  • Our Global Training Partners are practicing professionals and industry experts with advanced education, skills, and knowledge.


  • All our Global Training Partners undergo regular external courses and certifications keeping their skills up to date and using best practices.


no. 1 in the Philippines.


Staying true to its commitment to its partner-clients, Circa Logica Group has been recognized locally in the international stage in comparison with more than 2,200 providers.


12th Globally (#1 in the Philippines)

Corporate Training

14th Globally (#1 in the Philippines)

Corporate Training




We provide tailored training solutions working with more thousands of companies all over the Philippines of various sizes and complexities from a company of less than 10 to as much as 8000 catering to various industries including yours.


In-house or Onsite training provides a wide range of training workshops in the topics including Human Resources, Management Programs, Sales Training, Health & Safety and more having the following advantages.


  • Training Cost-Saving – the cost per delegate is typically less when compared to sending the same number on to public learning sessions.


  • Travel Cost-Saving – no need for employees to travel any further than their offices and incur extra costs.


  • More Specific – generally running a course for a single client allows the training to focus on specific items that are causing issues within the business.


  • Customized Training – getting a group together allows all of the training and learning to be focused on the company and can discuss real and current examples.


  • Convenience – fit around the working schedule of the staff and at a location they come to every day!


  • Team Building – a room full of delegates from different departments can encourage greater teamwork, awareness, and understanding of each other’s roles.



Circa Logica Group's Training Cycle process is based on ISO 10015:2019 Quality Management - Competence Management and People Development and ISO 10015:1995 Quality Management - Training Standards.

We are an accredited institution by highly - reputable private companies including:

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Circa Logica Group provides training needs analysis (TNA) solutions. TNA is a process that a business goes through in order to determine all the training that needs to be completed in a certain period to allow their team to complete their job as effectively as possible, as well as progress and grow.


Key steps involved in TNA to ensure your business is making the most of the process include:


  • Deciding On Skill Sets – decide on the skill sets that you require all your team members to have in order to do their jobs properly. This means looking at every job role within your business separately and considering things like the different departments or levels of seniority which will affect this as well.
  • Evaluate The Skills Of Staff – look at all your team members and evaluate their current skill levels in relation to the skills you have laid out in the first stage of this process. This will allow you to see who is meeting your expectations, and who needs to complete further training in order to meet the expected skill level.
  • Highlight The Skills Gap – see the gap (if any) that has appeared between the two. Now you know what the gap is, you need to use training to help close that gap and ensure your team is at the level you expect them to be.


This process benefits your business by:


  • Identify Knowledge Gaps Before They Become A Problem
  • Helps Plan Training For The Year
  • Highlights Training That May Not Have Considered
  • Ensures That Training Is Focussing On The Right Areas
  • Helps Decide Who Should Attend Which Training Sessions 
  • Helps Prioritise Training Needs

How do you currently decide what type of internal training you want your team to attend? It can be a challenge to make sure you are picking the correct training for each team member, and ensuring your team get the most benefit from the training you have selected. We're here to help.

Requiring training but unsure whether trainings you found fit your organization's requirements? It can be a challenge to make sure you are picking the correct training program for your team ensuring practical examples and applicable cases are provided to fit your industry. We're here to help.