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Specialized recruitment process understanding your unique qualifications to find the perfect candidate 


Finding high-quality talents is one of the biggest challenges facing today's organizations. We understand that certain technical and niche roles are extremely hard to fill.


We're not just recruiters, we're talent strategists providing management consulting going beyond recruiting. We assess roles and compensation and the organization, its culture, and industry for optimum success.


Circa Logica Group Headhunting Solution provides:


  • A no-hire, no-pay agreement
  • Sourcing and pre-screening of candidates based on provided qualifications and requirements
  • Initial assessment of candidates' technical skills and capabilities
  • Free candidate replacement and guaranteed period for 6 months
  • Responsibility of notifying all unsuccessful candidates to maintain client branding
  • Assist with salary negotiations
  • Identify and resolve any outstanding issues
  • The lowest rate in the market that is budget-friendly


Benefits of working with a Headhunting Firm:


  • Quality Candidates. Specialized and focused resources to find and recruit the best-qualified candidates. Understands the right platforms and approaches in finding the top candidates, how to attract them based on the available job opportunity, and how to evaluate a perfect agreement for you and the candidate.
  • Cost Savings. Headhunting services are not costly, it’s actually a worthy long-term investment factoring the actual costs of job boards advertisements, the labor of reviewing hundreds of resumes and unnecessary procedures, and wasted time with phone and in-person interviews. This is on top of redoing the process due to hiring mismatch of unqualified hire, not to mention onboarding and training costs.
  • Filling a Position Faster. Having more than 200,000 unique in-house profiles in our active Filipino candidate database, we provide the best candidate in less time providing you with the competitive advantage and get ahead of the competition for hiring the perfect candidates.
  • Keep up with Demand. Hiring goals increase with the need to accommodate all of the company's people requirements, it can be a challenge to keep up with recruiting demands leaving you with not enough time and resources to manage it all in-house and still find the right talent. We serve as your recruitment team ensuring quality output that is critical and deadline-oriented.


Companies we work with:


Accurate payroll processing is vital in every organization regardless of the size, we cater to:


  • Startups with fewer than 10 employees
  • Small to Medium Enterprises
  • Large Enterprises of up to 5,000 employees

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