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Circa Logica Group stays true to its commitment to providing high-quality service by putting the best interest of our partner-clients' companies at all times making us the premier and preferred HR solutions provider in the Philippines.

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COVID-19 Resiliency ❉

Recruitment Solutions for your growing business


We are committed to bringing the right talents for every hiring requirement: from niche positions, technical roles, and volume requirements to finding the best executives to lead your organization, our award-winning solution is here to ensure that we will deliver.

Training Solutions to developing your talents


We don't just train people, we develop talents holistically to reach a common goal of business impact leading to success. Our sought-after Training Partners ensure delivering a tailor-fit and industry-matched program for every training requirement and learning sessions.

Partner of Choice in Pre-Employment Screening


It is time to recognize that candidate background checking must be multi-faceted. Talentprobe provides comprehensive background screening solutions to companies of all sizes across the Philippines through its automated and sophisticated online platform. 

We are your trusted HR Department


Having a solid HR Management Framework is no longer optional since Human Resources, now more than ever, plays an integral part in corporate resiliency, business continuity, and organizational success. Free up your focus by outsourcing your HR functions to Circa Logica Group.

Rise above the ranks with a global certification


It often makes a world of difference when you can validate your dedication to your career. To be considered for higher-level positions, you must have an HR certification. These valuable credentials can help distinguish you as an HR professional and industry expert.

Hire outstanding talents for a fraction of the cost


Whether you are looking for temporary staff, need

back up to finish a project, or require a team of professionals, we have the right talents for you. With fixed rates, costs for taxes, benefits, workstations, and other overhead expenses are eliminated while still getting the job done.

Business resiliency and continuity planning


COVID-19 has unleashed a new era of change for businesses putting them at extreme risk. While leaders cannot plan for every potential issue, we have prepared ways on ensuring your company is protected from unwanted risks by strengthening your company's HR resiliency.