Background Check

It's time to recognize that candidate background checking must be multi-faceted


A comprehensive yet granular view of identity is key to deflecting existing and emerging fraud claims and improve employee retention while ensuring law compliance of data privacy and confidentiality


Companies with high compliance embedded in their recruitment procedures would require the vetting of their candidates. To verify the candidate’s claims, our teams of intelligence officers are ready to assess and validate the information provided in the candidates’ resume and other supporting documents by conducting a pre-hire due diligence and background check. In addition to fact-checking, our process ensures full compliance with the requirements of the Data Privacy Law as mandated by the National Privacy Commission.


Circa Logica Group Due Diligence Solution through Talentprobe Philippines ensures:


  • An online, paperless, fully-automated process
  • Keeping all results on RiskPortal, a secured online portal that comes with the solution at no extra cost
  • Fully customizable validation packages to keep it simple
  • Shorter results turnaround time to meet target onboarding dates
  • Longer cancellation window period
  • 24/7 Support Center for any inquiries or hep items
  • Value for money understanding budget limitations


Advantages of conducting Background Screening:


  • Improved quality of hire. If an applicant misrepresents their employment history, education, certifications, criminal history, or employment eligibility, not only could it result in a poor hire, it could also potentially result in financial, legal, and regulatory risks for the hiring organization. A background screening program can help uncover false or misrepresented information early on and prevent future risks and elevated hiring costs.
  • Reduce negligent hiring risks. Negligent hiring claims may arise, for example, when a worker causes harm to a co-worker or third party within the scope of their job and the victim claims that the worker had a record of or propensity for causing this type of harm that the employer should have discovered if it had conducted its due diligence prior to hiring.
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance. A background screening provider with in-house compliance expertise, as well as intelligent built-in compliance tools, can help an organization to satisfy industry standards and government requirements.
  • Improved workplace safety. Employers can conduct background screening to increase hire quality and better protect property and workers against damaging workplace accidents, violence, and theft.


Companies we work with:


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  • Startups with fewer than 10 employees
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  • Large Enterprises of up to 5,000 employees

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