Our Story »

Circa Logica Group is a fast-emerging training, advisory, and human resources company in the Philippines known for providing top-notch, strategic, and passion-driven solutions, advisory, and audit services helping organizations of any size succeed.


Founded after more than sixty years of combined extensive expertise in the full spectrum of human resources, administration, and training with robust understanding and application in operations management, lean principle, performance management, employee development, and full-cycle human resources and administrative processes.


Circa Logica Group is strategically headquartered in the heart of the evolving Clark – the center of the Philippine administration’s Build Build Build program, with offices tactically located in key Philippine cities including Quezon City in Manila and operational in Cebu City and Davao City by the end of 2020.


Circa Logica Group aims to be the premier and preferred partner of choice in HR solutions in the Philippines. We provide a wide range of HR solutions to a number of partner-clients in various industries including IT & BPO, Retail, Insurance, Manufacturing, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Restaurant, Shared Services, Construction, Hospitality, Leisure, Aviation, Industrial, and Logistics.

Affiliated and highly-involved with reputable institutions in people management and human resources, Circa Logica Group stays abreast with the current demands of organizations and businesses in the Philippines.

Integrity is the core of Circa Logica Group’s guiding values alongside and heavily attributed by Commitment, Ownership, Respect, and Excellence. Helping organizations fast forward their businesses is our primary goal with “agility” as our battle-cry.

Our Business Philosophy »



The premiere and preferred innovative business solutions partner of choice providing full-spectrum human capital administration and talent development services.




Fast forwards businesses by delivering company-fit solutions partnering with organizations in providing relevant training, innovative team empowerment services, workforce assistance, and taking charge of end-to-end human resources needs minimizing businesses' administrative functions thereby focusing on financial success and enterprise trajectory..



Integrity (Our Core)


We treat each transaction as our own while adapting seamlessly to every growing demands and aiming to innovate processes regardless of its complexity without jeopardizing output.




Identifying our partners’ needs and assisting them to succeed personally and professionally has been our guaranteed commitment. We convert challenges into opportunities for improvement.




Nothing can be too small or too big as we treat each business transaction as our own. Integrity, confidentiality, privacy, and urgency are the cornerstones of everything we do.




Our expertise helps us understand that diversified cultural differences is tantamount to success hence we ensure that we provide flexible solutions which are company-fit and culture-fit.




Our output are highly-regarded considering we exhaust all things possible to deliver only the highest quality of service to our employees, clients, partners, and stakeholders at all times.

Our Foundation

Built From Your Values.

Our Brand »

Circa Logica are Latin words meaning ‘about a proper way of thinking’ representing the corporate spirit of our brand: Professionalism. We always conduct ourselves as business partners with the sole aim of assisting our partner-clients’ achieve greater outcomes.


Our slogan “Fast Forwards Businesses” represents our agility and quick response to any business need or demand.


Our employees are our greatest assets, we refer to as Partners, believing that we can only achieve greater heights if we put our employees first.


# 1 in the Philippines »

Circa Logica Group has been recognized as among the top 15 global leaders of HR consultants for 2019 by Clutch, an independent B2B ratings and reviews firm located in Washington, D.C. providing in-depth client reviews and data-driven content from vetted market leaders. This is in comparison with more than 2,200 HR consulting firms making CLG the # 1 HR consulting firm in the Philippines. 

Circa Logica Group has also been featured as one of the top corporate training companies globally for 2019 by The Manifest. The Manifest creates shortlists of high performing agencies and consultants globally by gathering and verifying hard data, expert insights, and actionable advice needed to build brands and grow businesses – to provide the practical business wisdom that manifests in any businesses' success.


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